Lower Face Esthetic Treatments

Soft Tissue Esthetics

Soft tissue is the key to a successful surgical and prosthetical treatment. No matter how good the prosthodontics are, if the soft tissue does not have enough quantity and quality, the outcome will not be satisfactory. Especially after implantation or guided bone regeneration, it is the soft tissue that preserves the outcome. Soft tissue management is therefore a very important factor in modern dentistry. Various techniques like root coverage, gum plastic, esthetic flaps or soft tissue manipulation techniques are useful gadgets and need to be learned and applied as needed.

Implant Complications

Implant complications are not only implant loss or denture defects. Unsatisfactory esthetic is the major implant failure. Only when all factors, like stability, esthetic and soft tissue quality are dental implants and implant loaded prosthetics superior than conventional treatments.

Full Ceramic Restaurations

Full ceramic dentures offer the maximum esthetic. Inlays, crowns and bridges can be manufactured out of ceramic, looking like natural teeth.

Facial Cosmetic Treatments

At some point, the mirror betrays you. It shakes your sense of youth with vivid signs of aging -- little wrinkles around the eyes or lips, age spots, maybe some sagging skin. There used to be few options for turning back the clock without going under the knife. But today, you can soften the signs of aging with a wide range of non-surgical procedures for the face. Learn how these techniques work. Minimally invasive cosmetic procedures include (but are not limited to) treatments with non-ablative lasers, fillers, botox and even surgical treatments which can be performed under only local anesthesia.

Facelift Dentures

Missing teeth result to bone loss, jaw atrophy and changes in the whole neuromuscular system of the lower face. Not less, soft tissue support is missing and the height of the lower face decreases. All these lead to wrinkles, loosen soft tissue support and an older physiognomy. Today, cosmetic dentists are combining neuromuscular treatment techniques with advanced denture design to create Facelift Dentures. Facelift Dentures improve comfort, chewing efficiency, and reduce facial wrinkles. The result is a beautiful smile, plump lips and lifted facial appearance.