Oral and Dentoalveolar Surgery

Cysts and Abscesses

Cysts or abscesses resulting teeth infection or others, are major diagnoses. A treatment has to occur as quick as possible and effectively. Complications can lead to severe and dangerous symptoms.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth cause in most of the sooner or later major problems. Inflammations, abscesses, neighbor teeth injuries are the most frequent complications. When impacted, is the removal with a surgical step combined. Such treatments can also be performed under anesthesia if desirable or required.

Video animation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGL1hRMWD5g.

Translocated Teeth Extraction

Translocated teeth cause often abscesses or compound another surgical treatment, so that they have to be removed. Revealing such teeth prevent inflammations and helps juveniles orthodontic treatments.

Gum Diseases

Various gum diseases can be manifested in the oral cavity. The diagnosis and treatment of such diseases, require experience and interdisciplinary cooperation. Most of them can be treated minimally invasive or conservative with laser or medikaments. In other cases is a biopsy necessary.

Dentoalveolar Surgery

Many anatomical characteristics, such as palatine torus, short clinical dental crown, or flabby ridge compound the prosthetic treatment. Such finings can be treated quickly and effectively in 1 or 2 appointments.

Bone Augmentation

Major bone defects or bone atrophy are limitating factors for dental implants. In some cases it is necessary first to augmentate and then to implantate. Also block augmentation is a treatment that helps us to enhance bone quantity and therefore long term implant tability.


In this treatment, the surgeon treats the vertical bone loss, through bone augmentation in the maxillary sinus ( upper jaw bone cavity). A minimum of implant length is always needed for stability and denture support.

Scar Formation

Soft tissue scars resulting injuries or former operations, look ugly and restrain the patient. In most of the occations, such scars can be removed or smoothened.

Observation of Tumor Patients

The observation of a tumor patient is crucial for a successful treatment outcome. Preoperative dental treatments and dental prophylaxis, prohibit
complications, enhance patient comfort and simplify prosthetic rehabilitation

Oral Rehabilitation of Tumor Patients

Or oral rehabilitation of tumor patients is the ultimate step after a successful tumor treatment. It helps the patient gain back stability, comfort and self confidence. Every postoperative situation, no matter in how severe defects resulted, can be substantially improved.

Teeth Traumatiology

Teeth injuries are often serious and restricting injuries. Not only the functionality but also the esthetic is reduced. Such injuries must treated quick and properly, with the right means, knowledge and a tight recall.