Publications and Lectures


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  2. Late implantation in an anatomical medial diastema with minimal invasive soft tissue plastic, a case report, Oral Implantology, 2012.

  3. Block augmentation from crista zygomaticoalveolaris for severe defects in the esthetic zone, dental implantologiy and periodontology, September 2013

  4. Minimalinvasive chirurgische Massnahmen und minimale Patientenbelastung, für die Versorgung von Freiendsituationen, Implantologie Journal Juni 2014

  5. Vereinfachte geschlossene Sinusbodenelevation, durch kombiniertes Hydraulik-Bohrer System, Dental Tribune Juni 2013



  • Junior referent steigmann institute

  • Lecturer Botiss Biomaterials


  • National referent TRI dental implants

  • BDIZ, DGOI,ICOI annual congress: immediate vs. late immediate implantation


  • Saudi Arabian implant assotiation: immediate implantation, block augmentation, horizontal augmentation of severe defects

  • Jordanian implant assotiation: guided bone regeneration, lateral and vertical

  • Mumbai, India, Octaplant and ICOI lecture invitation and Botiss Biomaterials hands-on course


  • Modification and practical usage of surgical techniques to predictable GBR and GTR in combination with modern implant designs and biomaterials. Karlsruhe, Germany, 20 November 2013

  • Lecture and hand-on workshop with Prof.Dr.M.Steigmann, Omnident implantology curriculum, Athens Oktober 2013

  • IDS 2013: Lecture about guided bone regenration, Thuesday 12.03.2013, 14:00, Hall 04.2, Stand N018

  • Biology in Focus - biomaterials and growth factors in the implantology, Bremen, Germany, 24 April 2013


  • Annual congress malaysian dental assotiation (MDA) 17-19 January 2014
    Workshop with Hand-on, at the Univercity IMU, Gala Dental